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All Aboard Coffee and Tea Mornings

All Aboard’s Tea & Coffee Mornings: 

A space for members of the community to chat and get to know each other.

Last year, we had several Zoom meetings in the group where members had the opportunity to share a little about themselves. I would like to continue with these meetings as the friendship and community spirit within this group means a lot to me.

Regular coffee mornings

I plan to host regular ‘coffee mornings’ on the group, via Zoom, to enable members to interact with each other. As this is a large group and people are from all around the world, these meetings would be held at different times, to give everyone who wishes, the opportunity to join in.

Each meeting would have a general theme or topic and will be run under group rules. It would be a space for people to speak freely and without regulations. A maximum of 100 voyagers can join per session.

These meetings are not about me and they aren’t tours or Ask Me Anything sessions. They are a way for this community to come together to discuss issues, ideas, suggestions and to have a conversation with each other. I believe in time, they will be an excellent way for this group to grow and learn from each other.


To register for the Zoom meeting, please add your details below . This helps to give an idea of the number of people attending and which timezone you are in. The link for any future Zoom meetings will be sent to your email, and the time will be set to your region. This is why we ask for your email and country.

We would also like to keep in contact with you, to keep you informed about upcoming meeting dates,  future tours and other interesting things. From time to time, if you are willing, we may send random surprises in the post too.

Your data is protected

Please be assured that any information that you provide is kept safe and secure and is not shared without your permission.

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