Anne Frank & the Jewish history of Amsterdam

Feel the Jewish History and learn about Anne Frank

The Jewish History & Anne Frank

Before stepping behind the bookcase and entering Anne Frank’s hiding place, come with us on a walk through time that will place Amsterdam’s Jewish history into a greater context and honor those who once dwelled here.

Where are we going?

Our journey will begin in the 16th Century, when Jews fled to Amsterdam to avoid persecution, and then together, we will explore the old Jewish Quarter. We’ll pass the Portuguese Synagogue, the city’s oldest park, our favorite street, the Dutch theater, monuments, memorials, and several other hidden gems along the canals, all the while telling stories that will make history feel within arm’s reach.

From there, we will take a tram to the city center and a short stroll to Westerkerk and Prinsengracht. We will see the famous church before entering our final destination – the Anne Frank House.

We will see the house from the outside and when lucky we got some tickets to skip the line and gain access to the place where the Franks clung to hope of survival in a tumultuous time. While celebrating the life of Amsterdam’s most famous Jewish resident, you’ll learn about how one little girl’s diary came to affect the lives of millions.

Be aware, we do not have tickets for the Anne Frank House itself but can give you good advice how to get the tickets! In 95% of the time, we can help you get inside.

Rather than a somber story of loss and sorrow, our tour’s theme is tolerance and hope, because, as Anne wrote;

“Don’t think of all the misery, but of all the beauty that still remains.”

We recommend to read the Diary of Anne before joining the tour. It gives an extra dimension during our experience.

We offer this tour as a private and grouptour. Please fill in the form when you are interested. The tours are popular so let us know when you want to join and we will come back as soon as possible.

1. Private tour

– Every day of the week, start at 11am (or at the time you prefer).
– 4 hours
– Price depends on the amount of people joining

2. Grouptour (max 14 persons)

– Thursday and Sunday at 10am
– 4 hours
– 63 euro per person


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Anne Frank & the Jewish History of Amsterdam - Visit Anne Frank House
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