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Discover Amsterdam with our Weekly Walks

What can you do as a tour organization in the months when no one is going to travel and is obliged to stay at home? Sulking at home is not really for us, so we went to see what we can still do with the oceans of time we have now.

Knowledge of our Guides

In our private tours we always try to make as much use as possible of the knowledge and experience of our local guides and the people they know in the city. Why not make this knowledge available to all Amsterdammers who want to get to know their city better? For Expats who have just moved here or perhaps for friends and family who come to Amsterdam for a day.?

Weekly Walks

So we are now starting a new initiative! The Weekly Walk. We convert our knowledge of the city into at least 30 short walks in Amsterdam. Walks of 30 to 60 minutes where you get to know the hidden gems of the city.


Explore the Hidden Gems throughout Amsterdam

Explore our beautiful city via short, curated routes brought to you by our professional tour guides of Amsterdam Experiences. Buildings that you normally walk thoughtlessly through, the idea behind the statue in the park or the history of the water that flows next to you.

Don’t Miss the Weekly Walks

Fun? If you register today you will receive the first five Walks in your mailbox this week. And then the next walk every Saturday morning. This will be at least 30, but if many people register much more! If you want to know more about the Weekly Walk, click here.?

Help us and Teatro Pavana

We offer the walks for free, but we ask for a voluntary donation. We decided to donate 20% of our proceeds directly to charity.

Times are tough, but we realise there are people in Amsterdam who are suffering more than us. Think about the elderly who can?t go out for their safety. For those people, we want to reach out a helping hand.?


We decided to support?Teatro Pavana. This famous international street theatre company provides entertainment for the residents of nursing homes in Amsterdam Noord by dancing on stilts outside.

The rest is used to pay our guides a small fee?for all the work they have done for developing and trying out these walks.?

We hope many of you want to get to know our city better and see you soon with mobile in your hand on one of our routes :-).


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