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Floriade 2022, Private Tours to the exhibition

Exploring future cities at Floriade 2022.

The Next Floriade will be in 2032, so we have to be patient. Until that time, we offer Private tours to for example the Keukenhof Gardens

Floriade 2022 exhibition, Private tours

Every decade, Floriade – an international exhibition and garden festival – is held in the Netherlands. In 2022 from the 14th of April 2022, the city of Almere will host the Floriade expo 2022 for 6 months. Almere is only 20 mins driving from Amsterdam and Schiphol Airport.

At Amsterdam Experiences, we’re not ones to let once-in-a-decade events pass our guests by. As a result we’re offering private tours to the expo so you can experience this spectacular experience for yourself.


Celebrating all things green

What would your private tour to Floriade 2022 look like? Well, picture the heady scent of flowers, plants, and tomato vines.  Explore lush gardens and a spectacular greenhouse complex. Wander through an alphabetised arboretum. Take a swim in a lily pond, or dine in a rose garden.

Over 40 nations will have their own pavilion to exhibit their culture, plants, and flowers, as well as their locally developed sustainability solutions on the world stage. Conferences, workshops, live music, and tasting sessions are just a few of the impressive surprises that lie in store for your tour of the exhibition.

Not sure where to start? An 850 meter cable car offers visitors an unbeatable aerial view over the entire park. Quick, energy-efficient, and, let’s admit it, pretty memorable way to travel over its vast 150 acres.


A living laboratory: growing green cities

Floriade 2022 is dedicated to four sub-themes: Greening the City, Feeding the City, ‘Healthying’ the City, and Energising the City. The Dutch horticulture sector in collaboration with over 400 national and international participants come together. They present innovative green solutions to address the pressing need to make our cities more liveable, more sustainable, and just that little bit more fun.

And in 2022, the Floriade intends to be much more than a dreamy botanical experience. Over the past year, the Covid-19 pandemic has forced the world to rethink our lifestyles and reimagine our cities. So how can we enrich our everyday lives with plants, whilst also creating an energy-efficient and food-generating urban space? Floriade 2022 will become a living and breathing laboratory for research into creative solutions for the most pressing issues of our time to provide answers to that very question.


Floriade 2022


Reimagining the future of our cities

Ready to visit the cities of our future? We can guarantee your private tour to Floriade 2022 will be anything but an average trip to a local park. Just a short 20 minute drive from Amsterdam. Almere is set to be key to coping with the city’s population growth in the coming years.

Almere is a fitting city to host such a forward-thinking event. Built on land reclaimed from the sea in the 1980s. The very earth that Floriade 2022 is embedded in has pioneering and experimental roots. Aside from exhibiting the world’s most impressive horticulture in a beautifully green and vibrant setting, Floriade 2022 will create a rich variety of architectural and urban experiences that embrace the natural world.

You know the feeling you get when your favourite house plant is flourishing? Floriade takes that idea and runs with it. The Expo will be a place that produces food and energy, a green, urban district demonstrating how nature itself enriches every aspect of our daily lives.


Book your private tour

A trip to visit Floriade 2022 is perfect for all the family and a fun-filled and memorable way to spend a day on your visit to the Netherlands. We’re offering private tours for you and your group. Whether you’re with friends, family, or travelling solo. Entry tickets (which include a trip on the cable car!) and transfer to the park are included in the price of the tour.

Inspiration awaits – contact us directly to arrange your private tour to Floriade 2022. Word of warning: we expect our tours to be incredibly popular. This one is not to miss!

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