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Tours in Amsterdam for your Company, School or Group of Friends

Our Large Group Tours in Amsterdam

We have a variety of tours that cover a range of interests and experiences.    From walking tours that take you on a journey through history, to discovering Amsterdam’s ever-changing street art. Our tours are made for your company, school, college or group of friends (minimum of 10 people).

Hear about spooks and ghosts, and or maybe do some dancing in the streets. If culture is more your thing, we have tours of the top museums. You can also explore the city by bike and hear how sustainable a city Amsterdam is.

Here is a short list of our most popular groups tours. All of our prices include VAT. Contact us if you would like more information or a tailor made version of one of these tours.

Walking tours in Amsterdam


⏱️ 2 or 3 hours 💰 From €22 per person

Discover the incredible history of Amsterdam on our fascinating walking tour of the city. Explore some of the city’s most iconic places and seclude spots – what we consider to be Amsterdam’s most famous highlights and hidden gems. Our knowledgeable guides will take you on a journey through time, sharing quirky stories and terrific tales.


⏱️ 2 hours 💰 From €34 per person

Follow in the footsteps Anne and her family took on their final journey to their hiding place.  Using Anne’s words from her diary, we will learn how life was for Anne and her family before, and during their time in the ‘secret annex’. The walk ends with a tour of the Anne Frank House via a Virtual Reality simulation, which lets you see how the rooms looked when the family lived there.


⏱️ 2 hours 💰 From €28.50 per person

Join us on our silent disco tour as we dance through the streets with our high-tech headsets and a soundtrack that is sure to get you moving. Our themed playlist will get your toes tapping as we move through some of Amsterdam’s most scenic locations. Singing is not required, but adds to the fun.


⏱️ 2 hours 💰 From €22 per person

Discover some of the city’s most contemporary street art in one of Amsterdam’s most charming neighbourhoods. The wonderful thing about street art is the city is your canvas, and what better canvas than Amsterdam? Street art is always evolving, and new pieces are added to the city every week, so this tour is seldom the same twice.


⏱️ 2.5 hours 💰 From €28.50 per person (bike included)

In this intriguing cycling tour, we share our quirkiest stories and some of the city’s most iconic places. You don’t have to be an experienced cyclist, as together with Mike’s Tours Amsterdam, we will take you over easy roads so you can get used to Dutch bikes and the traffic. The route of this tour can be adapted if there are particular places the group wish to see.


⏱️ 2 hours 💰 From €28.50 per person

The dark history of almost 800 years hangs heavily over Amsterdam, and the past is lurking down every dark alley and street corner. With a lantern by their side, our guide will lead you through the night, sharing some of the darker tales of the city. Ancient souls wander Amsterdam’s many streets, yet most locals will tell you they do not believe in ghosts…


⏱️ 2 hours 💰 From €28.50 per person (excluding museum tickets)

Discover the greatest collection of Dutch art in a fun and exciting way with our local guide. See the masterpieces of Rembrandt, Fran Hals & Jan Steen with easily understood explanations that highlight the historic significance of the artworks. This tour can also take a more in-depth look at the art and artists should you wish.


⏱️ 3 hours 💰 From €32.50 per person (bike included)

On this tour, we will take your group on an exploratory bike ride around Amsterdam. We will see some of the highlights of the city as well as discover how Dutch society has adapted to take develop a greener way of doing things. As we explore there will be an opportunity to witness some of the many sustainability projects, and how Amsterdam has truly embraced a ‘bike culture’. 


⏱️ 2 hours 💰 From €28.50 (excluding museum tickets)

Considered to be one of the most famous and influential painters in the history of art, Vincent Van Gogh was disregarded in his lifetime. On this tour, you will discover the largest collection of Vincent Van Gogh’s work in the world, including The Potato Eaters and a Sunflowers painting, in a fun and accessible way. Madman or misunderstood genius? That’s for you to decide. This tour can also take a more in-depth look at Van Gogh and his work.

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