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Amsterdam is packed with plenty of luxury hotels. Most of them have a premium location near the beautiful canals in the city. Most of them?have a rich history. As many of our guests that book our private tour are picked up at these hotels, we thought it would be interesting to make our list of 5-star hotels in Amsterdam. 1.Pulitzer Hotel Hotel Pulitzer is a five-star luxury hotel set between the lush Prinsengracht and Keizersgracht, Amsterdam?s main canals. The hotel is made out of 25 historic canal houses that were built in the 17th and 18th century. The canal houses are merged together in one after they were purchased in 1970. Most of the original architecture is intact, with the building consisting of a maze of passages, stairways, and bright open spaces. Most of the 225 luxurious rooms offer a view of the most beautiful part of Amsterdam?s canals. They are decorated with modern and eccentric elements. A private canal boat is moored in front of the hotel. We can recommend to do a canal tour from this hotel. We offer a luxury canal tour.?

2. Hotel the Dylan

The Dylan Amsterdam is right in front of the ?Keizersgracht.? Amsterdam?s most iconic 17th-century canals. Going back in time 400 years, in 1618, a wooden building called the ?Duytsche Academie? was built. As the building housed a theatre, many Dutch plays were performed on its stage in the 1630s. Many prolific people visited the hotel on its 100th anniversary, such as the prince of Orange, the Russian Tsar and the Elector of Brandenburg. On that day, the theatre?s orchestra was conducted by the great composer Antonio Vivaldi himself. In 1772, during a performance, the building was engulfed by flames and destroyed. The only thing that remained was the doorway, which is still to this day in front of the hotel. In 1999, the building is renovated and re-opened as a historic luxury boutique hotel. The hotel preserved its distinct historical elements in spite of its continuous renovations.? The rooms are decorated with both vintage elegance and contemporary embellishments. Guests are able to enjoy dinner on their very stylish salon boats followed by taking a stroll down the canals.

3. Conservatorium Hotel

The Conservatorium Hotel is dubbed, numerous times, the number one luxury hotel in the Netherlands. The hotel?s architecture features historical and contemporary designs. And the location is set in the posh Museum Square district. Dutch architect Daniel Knuttel initially designed the building as the Rijkspostspaarbank (National Postal Savings Bank), which rejuvenated the Museum Quarter at the end of the 19th century. The hotel features restaurants, a bar, lounge, and a wellness center. Its Art Nouveau interiors are the reason why this hotel won so many awards. The interior is decorated by illustrious designer Piero Lissoni.? Shopaholics and culture lovers are in luck. The Van Gogh Museum, Concertgebouw (concert hall), Rijksmuseum (National Museum), Vondelpark, and Amsterdam’s shopping centers are right in this area. We can recommend to join our private Rijksmuseum or Van Gogh tour from this hotel.?

4. Hotel the Grand (the old city hall)

The Grand has not only seen major historical periods, but it is itself a part of history. The building was first called, in 1578, ?Princehof,? due to the many visits of notable princes. Notable figures that have walked through its doorstep. Think about the Princes of Orange, such as William the Silent (1581), Prince Maurits, Prince Frederik Hendrik, and Marie de M?dicis, Queen of France.? From 1648-1655, the building is used as Amsterdam?s city hall, after which the Admiralty used the space for 50 years. After that, the building serves once again as Amsterdam?s city hall, this time for 180 years. The historic complex starts its life as a hotel in 1992. The hotel is famous for its intricately decorated room called Marriage Chamber.? This room is used for wedding ceremonies, such as the civil wedding of Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands in 1966. The blue-green murals and colored stained glass windows designed by anarchist painter Chris Lebeau are what make this room unique in all of Amsterdam.? The hotel offers an unparalleled luxurious experience.? History is still imprinted on its walls, waiting to be discovered by all guests. And the location is next to the famous red light district. Book a private Red Light tour if you want to learn more about the famous neighborhood.?

5. Amstel Hotel?

InterContinental? Amstel Amsterdam is one of the most iconic buildings that sits on the banks of the River Amstel. Since 1867, it has kept both its original design, and its original color pallet. The hotel was built by Dr. Samuel Sarphati, an important doctor and businessman from the 19th Century. He erected this building in order to increase Amsterdam?s prestige and attract more visitors to the city.? The hotel features influences from Europe?s most famous buildings. It has meticulous arches characteristic to the ?Golden Age? style and other rich details. Many influential guests have stayed here to experience the glamour of this hotel. Among them are Queen Elizabeth of England, Steven Spielberg, and Henry Kissinger. It?s also known that the Rolling Stones stay at the Amstel Hotel when they visit the city.

6. Waldorf Astoria

The Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam hotel consists of six monumental 17th and 18th-century double-front canal mansions and offers sophistication in a place that is full of history. Its most defining feature is the grand staircase, which was built by Daniel Marot, the architect of Louis XIV. This hotel offers 93 luxurious rooms decorated with contemporary and rococo twists, which provide amazing views of the city’s canal or courtyard garden.? It also?offers any amenity you can think of: 5-star suites, a courtyard garden in a stylish restaurant, luxury spa, indoor swimming pool, conference rooms, and a fitness center. Nearby is the old Jewish Quarter. Here you can see and feel the rich history. Join our private Jewish History and Anne Frank tour.

7. Hotel Okura?

Hotel Okura is set farther away from the city?s center, but close to the business district. The hotel is unique as it seamlessly merges Eastern and Western influences to create a harmonious environment. As the neighborhood only has 4-story houses, the views from the hotel are spectacular. In 1971, the prestigious Japanese hotel chain Okura built a 23-story building in the south of Amsterdam. The building was designed by a team of four architects, two Japanese and two Dutch, in order to use elements from both cultures. The hotel was officially opened on the 24th of September, 1971, by His Royal Highness Prince Claus of the Netherlands.? The rooms, the spa features, the indoor garden and the pool, the restaurant – almost everything in this hotel has a touch of traditional Japanese.

8. W Amsterdam

The hotel is right behind the famous Dam Palace – the historic center of the city. W Amsterdam consists of two buildings in the central Spuistraat. The first is an old telephone exchange building, the second a former bank.? The Exchange building was built in 1925 by Joseph Crouwel with influences from Frank Lloyd Wright?s Larkin building. This part of the hotel features a rooftop pool, W Lounge rooftop bar, and a restaurant. The Bank building dates back to 1908. The vaults, bank, and offices have been converted into a lobby, spa, restaurant, and hotel rooms.? W?s New York style elements are apparent in its spacious rooms. They have high ceilings, large mirrors, and open-plan bathrooms.? This is our pick of the eight top hotels in Amsterdam. If you are considering staying in Amsterdam in style, then you should definitely consult this list.
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