Private Photo Tour Amsterdam

Enjoy a personalised adventure with a photographer during your stay in Amsterdam. A photo shoot, a workshop or a private photo tour. Your photography adventure in Amsterdam.

Your Private Photo Tour or Photo workshop in Amsterdam

Enjoy a personalised tour with a photographer during your stay in Amsterdam. It’s not only a tour, it’s an adventure!

The best souvenir to take home from your time in Amsterdam are some amazing photos made by yourself. We work together with the best iPhone photographer of Amsterdam, Annet de Graaf. Join a Private Photo Tour or Photo workshop. A good choice for your family vacation, honeymoon or Instagram photoshoot with your friends.

Snap the City of Amsterdam

There are several photo adventures. Choose for a unique Photo Tour, Photo workshop, Photoshoot or a combination. Annet teaches you how to shoot the best shots, from a personal approach to a competition if you join with a group.

Explore the hidden parts of Amsterdam and the city’s memorable locations. Annet works with her smartphone (iPhone) but you can bring whichever camera you want.

The quality of Annet’s photos is so high and unique, that she even guided Tim Cook (CEO of Apple) on a tour last summer. It was an inspiring trip for both.

Annet can teach you how to make ‘story telling’ photos yourself (iPhone, Android or Professional Camera). Living for 20 years in Amsterdam she will show you the most beautiful parts and hidden gems of the city.

Join your private Photo tour for an exciting adventure during your stay in Amsterdam!


Private Photo Tour Amsterdam

I recommend this to everyone who wants to take his/her photography to a next level. Feel inspired and enjoy the experience!

Sandra Ooms

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