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Relax with live cello meditation and get ready to indulge in an intimate concert. Feel free to lie down on a mat with a pillow & blanket, to sit up, lean on a friend or to sit on a chair if that’s more comfortable. There are 7 spaces on the floor for lying down and 3 seated places. You may close your eyes during the concert.

Through the combination of music and meditation, you might experience:

– healing and deep relaxation

– getting back in touch with yourself & your heart again.

What we’ll do

We’ll start with a cup of hot ginger and licorice tea to warm up the heart & body.  Then get ready to relax with live cello meditation music.

A little about the music: Janice will first play a low drone to set the tone for the concert then play sweeping cello melodies on top. In total there will be three pieces played (which are interpretations of music from my new album) and between the pieces, there will be silences of 5-minutes to let you experience the present moment fully without distractions. We will end the concert with another cup of hot tea and banana bread fresh from the local bakery.

We would be happy to see you relax hearing Janice’s music.

Where we’ll be

Relax with Live Cello Meditation will be hosted in a residential apartment in the east of Amsterdam, cosy and quiet, away from the noisy buzz of Amsterdam.


Practical Information

Duration: 1.5 hours total
Time: 3pm – 6.30pm
– fresh banana bread
– hot ginger & licorice tea
– a selection of blankets and yoga mats
Meeting Point: The Wong Janice’s concert space · Indische Buurt, Amsterdam.


Ready to relax with live cello meditation?

The tour was the highlight of my trip to Amsterdam! Stephan was delightful and showed us lots of hidden gems (away from all the touristy madness.) I would also like to note that he was very considerate about the fact that I wasn’t an experienced city biker, and he made sure that I felt comfortable and safe navigating the bike lanes of Amsterdam. Truly a wonderful experience worth every penny. Norah

May 2018

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