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Rijksmuseum - The Netherlands National Museum Private Tour

Discover the greatest collection of the Dutch Masters with a knowledgeable and local guide.

A Private Tour of the Rijksmuseum, the Netherlands National Museum

Always wanted to see the famous work of the Dutch Masters; Rembrandt, Vermeer, and Frans Hals? In this Private Rijksmuseum Tour, your guide provides a personal experience of the Netherlands most visited art museum. Exploring 800 years of Dutch history through art and artefacts.


Discover Rembrandt’s Nightwatch

With a deep knowledge of the displayed art, the guide explains the stories behind the artists and their work in fluent English. Of course, what would a visit to the Rijksmuseum be without getting eye-to-eye with Rembrandt’s masterpiece – De Nachtwacht? Don’t worry, we will teach you how to pronounce it correctly!


Get up close to Vermeer’s Milkmaid and his Little Street

The Gallery of Honour welcomes back The Milkmaid, Woman Reading a Letter, The Love Letter and Little Street. If you missed the sell out Vermeer exhibition this spring, this is your chance to see some of the Master of Light’s finest work.


History of Holland

More than just a tour of Dutch masterpieces, in this tour you will learn more about how the art fits into the historical context of the Netherlands. Your guide takes you through the museum to provide the stories behind the paintings that go much deeper than the descriptions on the wall.

You’ll hear quirky stories about the artists, fun facts about their work, and how their work contributed to the Dutch cultural heritage. We will see the inside of a typical 17th century house, the beautiful library, famous white and blue pottery pieces, and even what naval battles looked like.


Rijksmuseum Private Tours Rembrandt and Vermeer

Edgar was exceptional in navigating us through the museum in 90 minutes, hitting both the highlights in detail (his knowledge of Rembrandt was remarkable) as well as some hidden gems (both inside and outside the building). He had marvelous anecdotes and a keen sense of humor. It was a very memorable visit.

Gerard and Mary

May 2023

Rijksmuseum Amsterdam Private Tour

The Building of the Rijksmuseum

Not only the paintings will be discussed, but also the impressive, renovated building itself gets a mention. After years of renovation, the Rijksmuseum reopened in 2013 – a work of art in itself. In true Amsterdam style, cyclists can bike underneath the gates at the entrance. If you are lucky, you will also hear a free classical concert as you enter the building.


This tour is available on two levels:

**Highlights of the Museum**  – Do you just want to visit the Rijksmuseum in a fun and light way? Experience the most famous paintings without too many facts or technical jargon with our Highlights of the Museum tour.



**The Rijksmuseum In-Depth**  – Do you want to explore the art and museum in an in-depth way, hearing more about the history and techniques used to create some of the finest Dutch masterpieces and antiques?

Please let us know which version of the tour you would prefer to have when booking and we will arrange a tour to suit your request.


We also have a nice guided tour of the Van Gogh museum and if you are a real art lover we can combine both.

Included in the tour:
– Tickets to the Rijksmuseum
– Your Personal Private Tour Guide

Not included in the tour:
– Souvenirs
– Lunch


Rijksmuseum Amsterdam Private Tour
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