Romantic Tours and Canal Cruise Amsterdam

A romantic cruise for couples and dates

Romantic Tours and Canal Cruise Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a melange of attractions. This makes it one of the most enchanting cities in Europe. Hidden canals, sophisticated buildings, sumptuous cuisine, and vibrant urban lifestyle are what make the Dutch capital one of the most romantic destinations in the world.

Private or shared romantic tour

For those that want to spend quality time with their significant other, their date or celebrate an important moment in their relationship. There is no better gift than an authentic romantic tour in Amsterdam.

But no couple is the same.  Each of them having their own preference regarding how they want to spend their time. Some enjoy museums, some like going for long strolls, and some like exploring and experiencing as much as they can. We tailor the tours to our clients’ desires and preferences to bring them the perfect romantic tour of their lives. 

We also offer the a shared romantic canal cruise. Together with your partner or date you will discover and hear the most romantic Amsterdam Stories. Only five couples per tour will be accepted, in order to maintain the intimacy of the experience.

Unforgettable Amsterdam romance

Let us lead you through an unforgettable Amsterdam romance. We will customize your Amsterdam tour to feature all the things you are interested in. You will see and experience the best of our city with a romantic twist to it. Also, we will be taking care of the entire organization of your trip.  So you do not have to concern yourselves with the hassle of planning.

Walk the quaint cobbled streets of Amsterdam hand in hand with your partner. Rekindle your romance as you admire the enchanting centuries-old architecture. Our dedicated guides which know the most intimate and secret places and attractions of the city will take you on a unique and exciting journey. They will also keep you entertained with enthralling stories that will make you feel like you are reliving Amsterdam’s various romantic eras.

Our romantic tour in Amsterdam will immerse couples in the most unforgettable sceneries and cultural experiences which will serve as a backdrop to their romantic getaway.

Fall in love again at the canals of Amsterdam

Take in the lulling views of the city’s historic belt of canals which circle the town’s medieval center either by walking alongside them or in a cosy boat that gently pierces the waters surrounded by the city’s dazzling lights.

Our romantic tour in Amsterdam will include sightseeing of the famous seven bridges. They have been immortalized by many artists in their work as symbols of love. If you crave more privacy, we will lead you to less-crowded and hidden canals, where you can enjoy your romantic moment in serenity.

Let Amsterdam show you its hidden romantic side and join us on an unforgettable journey across its enchanting canals or maybe in a full day romantic tour. 



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