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Anne House in Virtual Reality and her Early Life

Enjoy a rich, immersive experience in the exclusive Virtual Reality tour of the Anne Frank House!

Private Tour Anne Frank House in Virtual Reality and her Early Life


Couldn’t get tickets to the Anne Frank house?
We provide a great alternative to experience the hiding place of the Frank family in our innovative Early Life of Anne Frank, with Virtual Reality Private Tour of the secret annex.

Starting at one of our favorite local cafes, we first get to know each other while enjoying a freshly brewed coffee or a refreshing beer. The friendly staff provide the perfect feel-at-home atmosphere while we get acquainted.

Anne Frank Secret Annex in Virtual Reality
After our lunch, we put on our VR glasses to go on our immersive journey through the secret annex. We provide the goggles and headsets for you to assure a truly personal and immersive experience. Unlike the Anne Frank museum, you have the secret annex all to yourself so no waiting in line. Also, you get to go into the secret loft which is not possible at the museum. Finally, the furniture is still in the house, making it feel like you were there during the war.

Anne Frank’s Early Life and her Neighborhood
After the virtual reality experience we go into the neighborhood. We visit Anne Frank’s family home, the bookstore where her father bought her diary, Anne’s former school, her playground, the local synagogue, her sisters elementary school, and much more.
Through the tour, we humanize the story of Anne Frank. We show how she was just a normal girl who played with her friends at the playground, went to school, and enjoyed her childhood life in Amsterdam.the war.

Meeting point: Cafe Blek, Waalstraat 48 (Google Maps)
Tour duration: 2 hours

Included in the tour:
Private Tour Guide
Drinks and lunch at our favorite local cafe
_ Virtual Reality Glasses

Not included in the tour:
Tickets to the Anne Frank House


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Anne Frank & the Jewish History of Amsterdam - Visit Anne Frank House
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