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Walk the impressive Jewish Area in Amsterdam

Botanical gardens, a magnificent synagogue, and impressive memorials dominate the streets the old Jewish Area of Amsterdam.

This week’s walk is in one of our favorite areas of the city, the Jewish Quarter. Full of history and beautiful buildings, this quaint part of the city is truly a hidden gem.

Click on the directions below or the Google Map to find the route, including points of interest.

Enjoy your walk!

?Distance: 2km
TotalWalking Time: 
?Calories: 140
Directions: Link or click the top right corner of the map to open full screen in Google Maps


FYI: the technology behind Google Maps is sometimes a bit shaky, so sometimes you need to click the link more than once, or zoom in to get the route view. Apologies for the inconvenience.


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Jewish Area Route Highlights

Highlight A: The Portuguese Synagogue


One of Amsterdam’s best-hidden buildings due to the ‘moat’ of buildings surrounding it. It was built in 1675 for the Sephardic Jews from Spain and Portugal and is still in use today. Fun fact, this is the synagogue Spinoza attended.

Highlight B: The Auschwitz Monument


The monument is here to commemorate the victims of the Holocaust. You’ll immediately notice the panels of broken glass. Go ahead and step onto them. As you look down, you can see heaven in the reflection of the mirror. Only, heaven is broken after the atrocities of WWII.


Highlight C: Burcht van Berlage


The Burcht is the former trade union for the diamond cutters designed by Berlage himself. The building features Berlage’s trademark tower, complete with a diamond-shaped window #HiddenGem

Highlight D: Artis plein


Right behind Restaurant De Plantage you find this awesome little square. From here you can get a sneak peak into the zoo (don’t mind the smell). Walk to the end of the square to find the pink flamingos?- I KNOW! I recommend this spot as your midway snack stop.


Highlight E: Dutch theatre


Or Hollandsche Schouwburg in Dutch. This building has a very dark history. During WWII the theatre was the last stop in Amsterdam for those who were transported out. If you have extra time, read up on the marvelous story of how hundreds of Jewish children were saved across the street at the day care center.

Highlight F: JW van Overloopplantsoen


Tucked away behind the Hortus, this tiny park has a beautiful view on the Nieuwe Keizersgracht. This quite hideaway is the perfect spot to get away from it all. Can you spot all the herons making their nests here in spring time?


Highlight G: Shadow Wall


A commemoration site initiated by the people on the street for those who lived on this street and didn’t survive the war. In total, more than 180 signs are built into the wall.

If you want to know more about the Shadow Wall and the other parts of the Jewish Area, we recommend to join our Jewish History & Anne Frank Tour.

Your Fav Hidden Gems

The above highlights are just some of our favorite spots along the way. If something catches your eye while en route, share a picture with us so we can share with the group next week. Email is best at info@amsterdamexperiences.nl 🙂

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