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Tours for Hotel MAI Amsterdam

In the middle of Amsterdam’s Chinatown, Hotel MAI gives travelers a perfect place with a lot of history and amazing views of the canals. The hotel mixes Asian-inspired mid-century design with cool rooms and artsy details to make a special experience and unforgettable memories. We love to offer some of our best tours to the guests of MAI Amsterdam.

Hotel MAI Amsterdam

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Hotel MAI in Amsterdam’s Chinatown is more than a hotel. It’s a tribute to the rich history of this neighborhood. When you go in, you step into a world where the past and present mix together.

The Whale History of Hotel Mai Amsterdam

Hotel Mai Amsterdam is in a pretty building from 1609. It used to store whale oil when people hunted whales a lot. Now, a fixed stone on the front reminds us of this history. In 1840, Johan Bertolo Delius started trading glass here. In 1904, he built the big building that is our hotel now.

Asian-inspired hotel

Mai Amsterdam means “Meet Asia in Amsterdam.” We made this place inspired by history but made for today. It’s not just a hotel; it’s a place where you can really meet Asia in Amsterdam.

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