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Van Gogh Museum Small Group Tour

Take a journey of discovery through the vibrant works of the most popular post-Impressionist painter

Van Gogh Museum Small Group Tour

Discover the works of Vincent Van Gogh in Amsterdam and see why he is considered to be one of the most famous and influential painters in the history of art.

Your guide will take your Small Group (max 8 people) on an exploration of some of the more famous works of Van Gogh, one of the most beloved Dutch Masters.


Vincent, the Misunderstood Genius? 

When he was alive, Vincent was considered to be crazy and a failure as an artist. However, in the years that followed his tragic death, his artistic genius started to be recognised. As you make your way through the museum, our guide will share the stories of Van Gogh’s life, giving you an insight as to  why Vincent’s story has inspired so many.

You will hear what Van Gogh was like as a person, from his own written words and those of his trusted confidente, his brother Theo. How well did Vincent get on with the rest of his family? Who were his friends? What made him decide to paint? How did he create such vivid paintings? Was he mad or just misunderstood?


Discover a World of Blossom Trees & Sunflowers 

On this tour you will discover how Vincent took his inspiration from every day life. From his simple upbringing in the lowlands, he learnt to appreciate what was around him and celebrate the humble. This is reflected in Vincent’s artwork. From the famous Sunflowers, his intimate self-portraits, and beautiful Blossom Trees, nature is always at the forefront.

This small group tour will answer many questions, including why is his art so important? How did he arrive at his famously bold colours and impulsive brushwork? How did Van Gogh become one of the most celebrated painters of post-impressionism? You’ll discover this and much more as you make your way through the entire museum. You will see for yourself why the Van Gogh Museum is one of the most visited places in the Netherlands

This tour also includes the new exhibition ‘Van Gogh in Auvers’. This deeply moving retrospective explores the last few months of Vincent’s life and the incredible paintings he produced during that time.

This is more than an art tour, this tour is a journey into the soul of a troubled yet talented artistic genius.


Skip the line ticket Van Gogh Museum

Tickets for this group tour are pre-booked, so even if the tickets are sold out, you will get entry into the Van Gogh Museum. The tour is booked for entry at a specific time slot, so there will be no standing around in long queues.

Included in the tour:
– Skip the line Tickets to the Van Gogh Museum
– Tour Guide
– Max 8 people in your group

Not included in the tour:
– Lunch
– Souvenirs
– Gratuities


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