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Explore Amsterdam City Center

Walking tours in Amsterdam City Center. Discover the well-known and lesser-known neighborhoods in the Amsterdam center. From the old red light district to the beautiful 17th century canal belt and from the old Jewish quarter to the beautiful princes' island.

 Explore the famous Red Light District (de Wallen)

📐 2 km⏱️ Total Walking Time: 23 min 🍴 Calories: 140

Few Dutch neighborhoods have so commonly been the topic of debate and conversation as the world-famous Red Light District, in Dutch better known as De Wallen (The walls). Many foreigners visit it in awe, praising its vibrance, liberty and openness.
But if you ask a local they would probably start a twenty-minute rant about the problems Airbnb causes, the omnipresence of Nutella and ice cream, and drunk tourists who don’t give a fork about our culture and history.

Walk the Jordaan, it’s the little things

📐 2 km⏱️ Total Walking Time: 30 min 🍴 Calories: 166

Once one of the poorest neighborhoods in Amsterdam, the Jordaan is nowadays a very popular hotspot for locals, hipsters and tourists both Dutch and international. It’s known for its Amsterdam singers like Johnny Jordaan and Tante Leen, as well as for some canonical Dutch series that have been filmed here, like ‘ ‘’t Schaep met de 5 pooten’ and ‘Baantjer’. Popular highlights are the Westerkerk, the Anne Frank House and the shopping area the ‘Negen Straatjes’, which are all technically just outside the Jordaan.

 Walk around Amsterdam’s Dam Square

📐 3 km⏱️ Total Walking Time: 45 min 🍴 Calories: 185

This walk takes you right to the heart of the old city center, tracing Amsterdam’s fascinating story back to its 800 year origins. Starting from the historical epicenter or Dam square, we will introduce you to historical gems which hide in plain sight right in the middle of Amsterdam! From hidden courtyards and famous artworks, to quaint book markets, and old city halls.

Explore the Jewish Quarter

📐 2 km⏱️ Total Walking Time: 28 min 🍴 Calories: 141

Explore Amsterdam’s Jewish Quarter. Botanical gardens, a magnificent synagogue, and impressive memorials dominate the streets the old Jewish area of Amsterdam. Full of history and beautiful buildings, this quaint part of the city is truly a hidden gem.

Discover Spiegelkwartier and Weteringschans

📐 3 km⏱️ Total Walking Time: 41 min 🍴 Calories: 201

Spiegelkwartier in the heart of the canaldistrict. We will discover old canals, hear about some lost buildings, like the palace of Volksvlijt that tragically burned down, and lost plans for the city. We will visit a century-old bakery, where you can try out some of its famous pastries. We’ll be able to enjoy many art pieces in the Spiegelkwartier, known for its many galleries and antique shops and hear about the fairy tale of the 13 warehouses on the Achtergracht. This walk has it all. Are you ready?

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