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Walking Tours in Amsterdam East

Explore the beautiful residential Amsterdam East with our Walking Tours. It should not be regarded as a homogeneous area, as there are many different neighborhoods with their own culture and identity. From the areas with modern architecture like The Eastern Docklands and IJburg to the ethnically diverse Indian neighborhood and the areas with wide streets, parks and beautiful 19th-century buildings.

Explore the military history around Sarphatistraat

📐 4 km⏱️ Total Walking Time: 54 min 🍴 Calories: 257

When you think of Amsterdam, Military History is probably not one of the first things that come to mind. Yet, the city has numerous interesting sights that are worth exploring. In this lesser-known part of the city, you’ll come across the old Amsterdam Cavalry, two former city gates, and barracks used by Napoleon (and later for zoo animals).

East, not the least, explore Watergraafsmeer

📐 4 km⏱️ Total Walking Time: 46 min 🍴 Calories: 295

We all know Amsterdam East has its charms. Yet, until this email came out not a lot of people know about this little corner of Watergraafsmeer. Whether you’re trying to impress visitors from abroad, want to explore a new part of town, or looking for that first kiss from your date, this route will do the job. Enjoy your walk!

Walk the Indische buurt

📐 4 km⏱️ Total Walking Time: 54 min 🍴 Calories: 257

For generations the Indische Buurt wasn’t such a friendly area – and that’s an understatement. However, in the last few years, the Indische Buurt has become one the most popular and hip areas to live in the whole of Amsterdam! It has been transformed into an area full of life and activity. So without any further ado: Let’s take a stroll through my memory lane!

Explore the Transvaalbuurt

📐 4 km⏱️ Total Walking Time: 43 min 🍴 Calories: 230

Welcome to Transvaalbuurt, a neighborhood with a rich and complex history of change and upheaval. Transvaalbuurt was annexed by Amsterdam (1896) and planned and developed by Berlage in the early 1900s. The streets were named after places and people in the former Boer Republic (South Africa). As you walk through the neighborhood, enjoy the examples of affordable worker’s housing built in the Amsterdam School style.

Explore the architecture in Oostelijk Havengebied

📐 6 km⏱️ Total Walking Time: 60 min 🍴 Calories: 320

This route through the Oostelijk Havengebied (the Eastern Docklands), shows off some of the finest and quirkiest of Amsterdam’s architectural landmarks: the perfect place to see Dutch urban design come to life. The area’s been in a state of rapid change since it’s initial construction in the 19th century. Disuse in the 1970s led to many of the buildings in the docklands being destroyed, but thankfully, as artists and squatters moved in, many of the iconic spaces were saved. In the 1990s, the city of Amsterdam massively regenerated the area for residential use.

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