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Walking Tours in Amsterdam North

Just over the 'the IJ' water, behind Central Station, Amsterdam North can be reached by the free ferries. Discover the contrasting worlds of North, vast green expanses and charming little villages in our Walking Tours in Amsterdam North. Plus some of the city's most cutting-edge architecture, exciting festivals, artist studios and stylish waterside hangouts with beautiful terraces. Go and explore the North.

 Explore Van der Pekbuurt behind the Eye

📐 5 km⏱️ Total Walking Time: 59 min 🍴 Calories: 301

It is common for people to underestimate Noord because it is separated from the city by the IJ-water. But we can tell you that paying a visit to this part of the city is definitely worth your time. Noord is booming right now, with its new restaurants, hotels, clubs, coffee-bars you name it, and most of it has yet to be discovered.

Walk the Nieuwendammerdijk area

📐 4 km⏱️ Total Walking Time: 45 min 🍴 Calories: 267

If you don’t live close, this walk is definitely worth the time it takes to get here. Visit one of the old villages that Amsterdam Noord has to offer. The true pearl of the North. Learn about the history of the area above the IJ water and visit the Woods of the Flies (Vliegenbos).

Explore the attractive Vogelbuurt

📐 5 km⏱️ Total Walking Time: 55 min 🍴 Calories: 310

New restaurants, cafe’s, clubs and small businesses have transformed Noord from a suburb to an attractive and adventurous Amsterdam district. During this walk, you’ll get to know two neighborhoods and walk alongside the IJ water with a beautiful view of the city skyline. The tour has a focus on some of the smaller businesses that are located in Noord, like some of the best Amsterdam breweries and the cute inn: Mandela huisje.

Walk the creative hotspot NDSM

📐 3 km⏱️ Total Walking Time: 37 min 🍴 Calories: 148

NDSM (Nederlandse Dok en Scheepsbouw Maatschappij) has become the cultural and creative hotspot of Amsterdam. In the past, the area was used to build and repair ships. Today, NDSM holds many galleries, great restaurants, numerous art pieces and great architecture – all that with an amazing view of the IJ water and the city skyline.

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