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Walking Tours in Amsterdam South

Next to Vondelpark and below Museumplein we can explore Amsterdam South with our walking tours. South or Zuid is a vibrant district that represents the artistic heart of the city. It is home to iconic museums like van Gogh and Rijksmuseum, world class music venues, high-end shopping and innovative restaurants. And don't forget the vibrant Pijp area and the beautiful area's around the Olympic Stadium and the Okura hotel.

Explore the vivid Pijp area

📐 5 km⏱️ Total Walking Time: 58 min 🍴 Calories: 288

De Pijp is known for its many and diverse restaurants, the Albert Cuyp Market and the Sarphatipark. It is a truly lively neighborhood, where there is always something happening, everything you need is in reach and the residents are very friendly. In this walk, you will see a lot of the Pijp’s hidden gems. 

Discover the Museum Quarter around Rijksmuseum

📐 4 km⏱️ Total Walking Time: 48 min 🍴 Calories: 300

This Museum Quarter walk is all about art and culture! The Museum Quarter is the cultural center of Amsterdam and it’s filled with museums, churches, and beautiful green parks. The center of the museum quarter is Museum Square. On this square, which is almost more like a park as it’s a long stretch of grass, you’ll find three of the most visited museums in the Netherlands: The Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum, and Stedelijk Museum – all amazing places in their own right. So put on your learning glasses, grab your notebook and let’s take a walk around!

Walk the Riviera (Rivierenbuurt)

📐 3 km⏱️ Total Walking Time: 35 min 🍴 Calories: 213

Yet another road less travelled: Amsterdam’s Rivierenbuurt aka The Riviera, designed by the Berlage, no less. Once you go off some of the bigger roads, you’ll find some real hidden spots. Especially in spring and summer, this area comes to life. The walk has a special theme. Anne Frank used to live in the area and the route passes by some of the major landmarks of her childhood.

Explore the Olympic Stadium area

📐 4 km⏱️ Total Walking Time: 45 min 🍴 Calories: 300

This walk is all about the Olympic Stadium area! We’re going into the Stadionbuurt and the Schinkelbuurt (named after the river Schinkel). The last time the Olympics were held in the Netherlands was in 1928 at the Olympic stadium here in Amsterdam. Back then, the stadium stood at the edge of the city surrounded by pastures. Since then the Stadionbuurt has been transformed into a lively part of the city.s. 

Walk the Diamond area

📐 4 km⏱️ Total Walking Time: 44 min 🍴 Calories: 275

If there is anything that Rihanna has taught us, it is that diamonds are forever. In Amsterdam, this is very much the case. Therefore, this week’s walk is in the Diamond area, starting in the Pijp. Once again, this walk features some lesser-known spots and hidden gems – pun intended.

Explore the Rijnbuurt 

📐 4 km⏱️ Total Walking Time: 45 min 🍴 Calories: 300

Welcome to the Rijnbuurt. This walk is all about the most important river of Amsterdam – the Amstel. The city itself is named after the Dam that was built on this infamous river, to keep all the saltwater of the southern sea from flowing into the land and destroying the crops. We’ll be walking along the Amstel crossing at two different bridges and passing multiple swimming spots.

Walk in the Apollobuurt 

📐 2 km⏱️ Total Walking Time: 31 min 🍴 Calories: 195

Take a walk through the Apollo neighborhood and learn about its fascinating history and architecture. You will get to see a lot of the Amsterdam School architecture, see the old headquarters of the SS, and walk along some of the nicest streets of Amsterdam. This route will take you one step closer to getting to know the city even better.

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