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Walking Tours in Amsterdam West

Explore another part of Amsterdam with our Walking Tours in Amsterdam West. The lovely and lively West neighborhood is built in a unique 19th-century architectural style. From the busy Oud-West, the up and coming neighborhoods of Baarsjes and Bos & Lommer (BoLo) and the cultural Westerpark. Make sure to explore the ‘wild’ West for its attractive residential area’s, beautiful parks, famous bars and busy shopping streets. Enjoy your walk!

 Walk the Da Costabuurt nearby the Hallen

📐 3 km⏱️ Total Walking Time: 40 min 🍴 Calories: 280

In this walk, we’re exploring one of the most lively areas of Amsterdam. One part will be in the Da Costabuurt, named after Isaac Da Costa – a famous Dutch poet and historian. Even though it’s mostly a residential part of town it has quite some secret places to be uncovered! Walk and explore the area around the Hallen. 

Explore Westerpark and the Staatsliedenbuurt

📐 4 km⏱️ Total Walking Time: 47 min 🍴 Calories: 280

Explore the Westerpark and the nearby Staatsliedenbuurt (Statesmen area) – for generations better known as the ‘copper knot’ neighborhood. The reason is that many people who had to wear uniforms lived in this area as a profession. Think of tram drivers, firefighters, postmen, and agents. In this walk, you’ll see how these people lived while discovering some of the hidden gems.

Walk the Vondelpark and Helmersbuurt

📐 3 km⏱️ Total Walking Time: 35 min 🍴 Calories: 234

Explore the Vondelbuurt and Helmerbuurt. Both designed and built in the late 19th century around the Vondelpark to create more housing for the constantly growing city. This walk includes some interesting architecture like the seven-country houses, which are each based on different European countries and styles, the neo-renaissance style of the Vondelparkpaviljoen, neo-Gothicism in the Vondelkerk and more.

Explore the Amsterdam School in Spaarndammerbuurt

📐 5 km⏱️ Total Walking Time: 57 min 🍴 Calories: 370

The Spaarndammerbuurt is an often forgotten neighborhood. It lies just above the train rails and is rarely explored. Too bad, because it has a lot to offer. In this walk, we will see art, modern and older architecture and some great restaurants. It is also famous because of the Amsterdam School buildings. 

Walk the up and coming Baarsjes

📐 4 km⏱️ Total Walking Time: 54 min 🍴 Calories: 344

Explore the Baarsjes, a neighborhood containing some of the best coffee bars, restaurants, and parks. Escape the city in Rembrandtpark and Erasmuspark where the beautiful trees will provide some shadow and cool air. The route includes some of the cutest animals the Baarsjes has to offer, containing a small petting zoo and a Cat cafe, where you will be able to admire and cuddle some furry friends.

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