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Walk Amsterdam’s Indische Buurt

When I was little I used to cycle to football training through the Indische Buurt. Back then, my parents used to tell me that I shouldn’t stop here and to keep cycling until I got to Science Park. This was because the Indische Buurt wasn’t such a friendly area – and that’s an understatement. However, in the last few years the Indische Buurt has become one the most popular and hip areas to live in the whole of Amsterdam! It has been transformed into an area full of life and activity. So without any further ado: Let’s take a stroll through my memory lane!

Enjoy your walk!

?Distance: 4km
Total Walking Time:
54 min
?Calories: 257

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Route Highlights

Best Roast en Route: Drovers Dog Atjehstraat

In the middle of this residential area you find one of the three Drovers Dog’s of Amsterdam. Owned and run by the Australian owner, you just know you’re going to have a blast while you’re there. The coffee is awesome and the muffins are just the best! The terrace is lovely, especially in the morning sun. On cloudy or colder days, the inside living-room feel makes Drovers Dog a great place to chill. Highly recommended!

Highlight A: Gerardus Majellakerk

The Gerardus Majellakerk was built almost a century ago (1925) and was designed by Jan Stuyt who based the design off of the Aya Sophia that he had seen during his pilgrimage to Palestine. Because the Indische Buurt didn’t have the most upstanding citizens the church already encountered problems with it’s upkeep after only 5 years. Because there wasn’t enough money for the area the church stayed in pretty bad condition, all the way up to 1992 when the municipality hired Architect Andr van Stigt to come up with a new plan for it. Van Stigt turned the central hall into a concert hall where the Dutch Philharmonic Orchestra can be heard regularly.

Highlight B: Joodse Begraafplaats Zeeburg


Here we have the old Jewish cemetery. In 1651 the Zeeburgerdijk broke and filled a piece of land with water. The pool that was created became known as the break. Not long after that it was filled back in and bought by the Jewish community that had grown a lot in the 17th century. They were looking for a new cemetery a little closer to home and found this beautiful spot of land. The first person to be buried here was a young boy called Joseph Lisser in 1714.
The cemetery was used for 200 years before they started running out of space. By then a new sight in Diemen was used as the main cemetery so this one became somewhat redundant. Even so it was still used all the way up 1942. In all those years almost 100.000 people have been buried here. At one point it was the largest Jewish cemetery of Europe!

Highlight C: Flevopark

The Flevopark, my personal favorite park of Amsterdam. It’s usually pretty quiet because it’s on the edge of town. This makes it the perfect spot to hang out and have a quiet picnic, play some football or go for a swim in the Nieuwe Diep. And if you don’t want to swim in the natural water there is the best summer swimming pool in town right around the corner. I’ve had countless birthday parties in The Flevopark Pool, it’s a real recommendation! And for those looking for hidden gems: look up Proeflokaal ‘t Nieuwe Diep for the most quaint terrace in the city.

Highlight D: Graffiti-Fun

If you have some extra time on your hands then take a nice long stroll through the Flevopark, up to the Amsterdamse Brug. Because under the Amsterdamse Brug there is a hidden Graffiti spot! Here you’ll find graffiti artists putting up new street art daily. There is also a halfpipe for the skaters among you to test out your skills and tricks! If this is not your jam, this is also quite a romantic spot to sit along the Amsterdam Rijnkanaal watching the big cargo boats go by.

Highlight E: Het Badhuis

A.K.A the Bathhouse! This was one of the last bathhouses to be built in Amsterdam. It opened in 1942 and quickly became a central meeting place for the local residents. For a dubbeltje (10 cents) you could shower for 10 minutes and it became a sport to see how much longer you could stay before someone you were told to leave. Unfortunately for the Bathhouse fewer and fewer people went to the bathhouse in the 70s because everyone had showers in their house by then. From that point on the Bathhouse had numerous different functions from a Hindu temple to a thrift shop but nothing really stuck. In 2020 Oedipus opened their second microbrewery in the city here. Let’s see how long they will stay.

Highlight F: Studio/K


Have you ever heard of the cinema Kriterion (if not, look it up)? It’s a movie theater run by students, located right next to the Amsterdam University. It was so successful that they set up a second movie theater in 2007 called, you guessed it, Studio K. Studio K is actually named after the upstairs room of Kriterion. This one is also run by students only with 3 rooms for movies and a restaurant downstairs. This is my favorite place to go if I feel like watching a movie because you can have dinner and a show all in one place!

Highlight G: Javastraat

The Javastraat is the busiest street of the Indische Buurt, full of small grocery shops and great cafes. Are you looking for a clothing store, a bicycle repair shop or a laundry? You’ll find it in the Javastraat. You can drink coffee at the concept store Hartje Oost or coffee bar Bedford – Stuyvesant, have a drink at caf’ Walters Woodbury, eat cake at Majesteit Cakes, buy clothes and sneakers at Div Herenkabinet and go to the hairdresser at Ashes to Snow. This street is one the main reasons why everyone wants to live in the Indische Buurt. This street is full of life and has a great vibe to it!

Your Fav Hidden Gems

The above highlights are just some of our favorite spots along the way. If something catches your eye while en route, share a picture with us so we can share with the group next week.Email is the best.

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