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Walk the Amsterdam Westerpark Area

We are going West this week, but not that Wild West. This week’s walk is in Westerpark and the nearby Staatsliedenbuurt (Statesmen area) – for generations better known as the ‘copper knot’ neighborhood. The reason is that many people who had to wear uniforms lived in this area as a profession. Think of tram drivers, firefighters, postmen, and agents. In this walk, you’ll see how these people lived while discovering some of the hidden gems.

Enjoy your walk!

? Distance: 4km
Total Walking Time:
47 min
? Calories: 280
Directions:Link or click the top right corner of the map to open full screen in Google Maps

FYI: the technology behind Google Maps is sometimes a bit shaky, so sometimes you need to click the link more than once, or zoom in to get the route view. Apologies for the inconvenience.


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Diamond Westerpark Area Highlights

Highlight A: The Windketel


Look for the little building behind the white Watertower. The Windketel is a little free-standing octagon brick tower. Built in 1897 as part of Amsterdam’s water works, it now contains a luxury apartment for two; furnished with the creations of Dutch Designers. For a long time it was the smallest hotel in Amsterdam.

In front of this tiny hotel we also start some of our biketours. Let us know if you want to join us at a group or private bike tour.

Highlight B: Crash of the English Bomber


Find the small white tower in the Van Bossestraat above number 30 at the corner with the Rochussenstraat. This is the same place where an English bomber crashed on 3 May 1943. Of the four crew, only one man survived. Some residents of the buildings were also robbed of their lives in one fell swoop. As a commemoration, there is a small sign at number 34 above the doorpost.

Highlight 3: Nassaukerk

The Reformed Nassau Church is hidden on the Wittenkade. The Reformed patrons were especially happy that the church was not very noticeable. A church designed in the well-known Amsterdam School style. Initially, the church would be called the Peace Church, but we already had a Peace Church in Amsterdam, so the name became Nassau Church, named after the Prince of Orange Nassau, the first King of the Netherlands.

Highlight D: Limburg van Stirumplein


The Limburg van Stirumplein is a lively city square in the heart of the Staatsliedenbuurt. In the middle of the roundabout is an interesting work of art, Abri and Peperbus. The abri, or shelter, is used as a place to wait for the tram. Note the house plants that are part of the artwork and the speakers corner at the Peperbus.

Highlight E: The Floating Wedding Dress


A white wedding dress floats in the middle of the pond in the Westerpark between April and October. Originally, this wax statue was part of a series of 20 floating dresses. During a warm summer, the other 19 melted away. The one floating here is protected by a polyester cover. They learned the hard way.

Highlight F: Bakkerswinkel


When you still have time for lunch, we can recommend the Bakkerswinkel for their great lunch. They are well known for their excellent local made bread. The Bakkerswinkel sits in an interesting building. Originally, it was part of the westergasfabriek (Western Gas Factory) built in 1883. It housed the regulators to pump gas into the city.

Highlight G: De Gashouder (the Gas Holder)


Until the 1960s, the Westergasfabriek supplied gas to large parts of Amsterdam. Out of all the gas holders, this is the only one that is still intact..One of the other gas holders only has its outer edges in place, that forms a pond. Since 2019, energy has been generated at the gas holder again; through more than 1000 solar panels on the roof.

Your Fav Hidden Gems

The above highlights are just some of our favorite spots along the way. If something catches your eye while en route, share a picture with us so we can share with the group next week. Email is best to info@amsterdamexperiences.nl 🙂

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