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Explore the city via short, curated routes brought to you by our professional tour guides
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Weekly Walk in the city of Amsterdam

Do any of the following sound familiar? Because of the quarantine…

  • You’re getting out of the house less?


  • You go for short walks, but they are starting to get old?


  • You’ve had to cancel one of your vacations, so you’re hoping to explore more in your own city?

The Weekly Walk is just what the doctor ordered!

Explore the city of Amsterdam via short, curated routes brought to you by our professional tour guides of Amsterdam Experiences. Sign up and walk in Amsterdam with our free Weekly Walks.


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How can we use our knowledge of the city to support fellow Amsterdammers during this tough time? 

What did we come up with?

  • Using our vast knowledge of the city, we develop exciting walking routes throughout Amsterdam filled with lots of hidden gems (some of paths Google Maps cannot even find)
  • The walks are a full loop, so you can start anywhere on the route
  • The walk is between 30-60 minutes so you can do it during a work call
  • You receive your weekly walk straight into your inbox on Saturday morning for a fun start of the weekend
  • We commit to the weekly walk for 26 weeks, i.e. half a year and more if we have enough subscribers.

What do I get if I sign up for the Weekly Walk Newsletter? And is the Weekly Walk free?

When you sign up, you get:

  • 5 walks for free as a sign-up bonus and see them at this page!
  • The first 3 weeks are free of charge, just so you can see whether this is something for you.
  • In week 4, we will ask you to make a donation that you believe is reflective of the value we bring to you.

Where does the money go?

We donate 20% of our proceeds to charity. Times are tough, but we realise there are people in Amsterdam who are suffering more than us. Think about the elderly who can’t go out for their safety. For those people, we want to reach out a helping hand. We decided to support Teatro Pavana. They provide entertainment for the residents of nursing homes in Amsterdam West and Noord by dancing on stilts outside. See the performance they did in April. 

The rest we use to pay our guides who have worked on creating these routes for you. With whatever is left, we hope to cover a little bit of our business losses as a result of all this year’s cancellations.

Thank you for your consideration and enjoy the Weekly Walk in the city of Amsterdam!

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These are some of the highlights you can expect
on our walks in Amsterdam

Amsterdam Street Food Tour
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