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Information for Travel Agents

Working together with Travel Agents

At Amsterdam Experiences, we provide tours, experiences and transfers within the Netherlands, with a specific focus on Amsterdam.

We work together with Travel Agents to provide high quality tours for your clients.

We offer a standard commission for Travel Agents. If you are interested in our bespoke tours, please feel free to leave your details to receive our tour menu. All prices in our tour menu are NET. Please advise us if you want to add a commission to these prices. There is also a 5% service charge added at the time of booking on top of the total price. You can request our tour menu by filling in the form.

Tailor made Tours

Each of our tours can be adapted and modified to suit the needs of your guests, and we are always happy to work with you to design individual, personalised tours.

We believe that working in close partnership with you and your guests is the best way to ensure lasting memories and wonderful tours and experiences. We look forward to working together with you in 2024 and the coming years to provide exceptional tours for your guests when they choose to visit the Netherlands. 

You can contact us in the following ways to enquire about or arrange tours and experiences for your guests:


Phone or WhatsApp: +31643413799 

Our office is open from 8am to 10pm local (Amsterdam) time.

Ways you can help us assist you

  • Have as much information about the guests as possible.
    You are the bridge between us and your guests and the more we know about them the more personalised an experience we can give them. Do they have any particular interests or hobbies, anything they particularly dislike/do not wish to do? Small details can often be very important and make the difference between a good tour or a truly amazing one.

  • If there is a budget, please let us know.
  • We are happy to work with you to design a programme that fits your guests. We understand that changes can sometimes happen, but please be mindful of how much time goes into creating an itinerary.
  • Please check any specific details such as hotel, flight numbers, dates of arrival/departure. We understand mistakes can happen, just keep us updated if information is incorrect.

Receive our 2024 Tour Menu with all of our tours in the Netherlands.

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Private Tours in Amsterdam and the Netherlands
Private Tours in Amsterdam and the Netherlands
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